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Wild Icelandic Horses


Anyone who owns an animal knows we share a lot with them. This common ground is based in real biological similarities that create opportunities when we bring humans and animals together.  We both have limbic systems in our “mammalian brains” which is one of the centres for emotions and learning. It is a gift that invites connection and that feeling of being understood when we are in each other’s company.  This shared ground offers us opportunities to give words and discuss our own areas of struggle as we watch them navigate parallel experiences in the field with other horses.  For more information on how we can witness these parallels to further understand or educate ourselves please see Sue McIntosh's blog "Horse Lessons: Animals and Psychoeducation".

To strengthen this process, I have provided bios of the horses and am working on stories where the horses play the starring roles.  This gives us a starting point to consider the horse’s unique experience in relation to all the horses in the herd and to our own lives.  This information gives a “jump start” of sorts for you to begin to see the wealth of personalities and relationships that I see when I join our equine partners.

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