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Born April 20, 2002

Shadow is quite a laid back, trusting horse. He spends his days with the only mare in our herd, Sparrow. Within this dyad, he Is the dominant horse.  He is the boss, but he isn’t mean.  Shadow might chase Sparrow away from manger but Sparrow always will come back communicating to Shadow that he needs to come back and finish his meal and Shadow gives him space.  Shadow doesn’t bite or kick other horses.  Although Shadow is older, in his prime he was a very athletic cattle penning horse.  According to Ellwood and Amy he is an “easy horse to get use to riding.” They used him for team sorting competitions and found him to be “incredibly quick and cowy.”  Ellwood has a memory of Jared Lash (a trainer in Texas) trying to push a very wild heifer through Shadow at the sorting gate. Shadow stopped the cow 4 times and Ellwood and Amy bought him on the spot.

Although I rode constantly as I grew up and considered each horse I trained and competed with as my own, Shadow is the first horse that I have officially owned since I purchased him from Amy and Ellwood in 2019. In 2018 he “blew” his left stifle so we limit any riding to a walk or a slow jog. We are finding he is a great fit for Equine Wellness program so instead of retirement after his injury he has shifted to a new career. Shadow seems to be dealing with some chronic soreness as a result of his injury and we speculate that he may have a very high tolerance for pain. Regardless of his experience with his injury, he seems to move through life without complaint.  

Shadow Stories: Coming soon!

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