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Born March 9, 2009

Rix is shown on the right in the picture above. He is a calmer horse who doesn’t seem to get too excited about many things.  He is the horse that we entrust with smaller kids or inexperienced riders as they learn horsemanship.  He seems to show very little anxiety and take everything in stride. His previous owner was quite an aggressive trainer.  We speculate that because of this he began to “numb” or “tune out” his natural instinct to be frightened of aggressive riding techniques and less reactive to subtle cues when riding.  Although in his new home the riders are not particularly aggressive, we do find that we need to use spurs to get him going and responsive when riding.  At the same time, when he experiences situations that are truly overly alarming, he listens (see the “Buffalo story”) and will often take the lead to keep his close partner (Rocket) safe when no one else steps up (see “The scary unknown corner”).

Amy and Ellwood purchased Rix and Rocket (Rocket is on the left in the picture) within two weeks of each other and they were quick “best buds” almost as though they had known each other previously. They share a corral and have become quite connected.

Amy Sawby - More about riding history.

Fix stories: Coming soon!

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