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There is something quite powerful about our work with horses.  When we witness parallel experiences in the herd that ask us to reflect on our relationships in our own lives there seems to be some unique “staying power.”  On top of this witnessing of similar social experiences, we also have the opportunity to experience a grounded connection with them.  The experience of being “tuned-in” when we are lost in our pre-frontal cortex or of feeling that bond when we join the horse in their grounded position really seems to stick in our memory.  I believe it is the real “lived experience” that invites this staying power. I have noticed that it is as though client learning or growth in that “lived” moment is “punctuated” in a way that allows it to have influence when we are out in the world enacting our session goals.  I find we seem to carry these lived experiences around with us as reminders of ways forward we created in session.

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