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Wild Horses on the Prarie


Similarities in our "herds"

In many ways we are quite similar to horses.  We share a mammalian brain which is the centre for emotions and learning.  This shared brain structure invites us to experience the world in parallel ways.  The need for social connection and relational priority partly stems from this part of our anatomy and this results is a common experience from which we can observe and work.    This shared ground offers us opportunities to give words and discuss our own areas of struggle as we watch them navigate parallel experiences in the field with other horses.  We watch them interact with us or other horses, get to know their individual ways of navigating these relationships and this helps us talk about or understand our own relational experiences in different ways.  You and I can witness this whole other world of interactions that offers us lots to work with as we generate possible ways forward. Please see Sue McIntosh's blog post "Why Horses: Relatable Role Models" for a great further discussion of these parallel social worlds.

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