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Horse Legs


As I mentioned before, horses are prey animals that are highly sensitive and aware of their environment.  Within the horse world there is a common consensus that an effective route to work with horses is to meet them “where they are.”  This means a central part of horsemanship is working to ground ourselves in the moment to increase our own awareness of the world around us.  In our sessions, we aim to explore your world through a different lens, one that might offer new possibilities for you to live differently.  An abundance of possibilities can spring forth with a heightened awareness of how we swim in the world moment by moment. In this centered space we can increase our “noticing and learning” as we share time with these horses.  Although we will find witnessing their behavior from the “outside” invites creativity in our conversations, working to join them “where they are at” creates a space for a renewed vision within this more connected interaction (see the page “Awareness of the world around us”). My mentor Sue McIntosh from Healing Hooves refers to this grounded safe place as “the space to be which invites the grace to become.”

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