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Connected Without Judgement

It seems cliché but I am going to say it. Most people who are in relationship with animals have felt that extraordinary emotional support they can provide.  It is like they sense our struggles and excitement and interact with us in an unconditional way seemingly absent of judgement.  They seem to have the ability to offer a relationship where we can feel understood in their company. We obviously can’t really know what a horse is truly experiencing.  I have my own ideas of how this develops within more grounded and aware interactions (see the link about intuition based in paying attention), but regardless of the reason behind this, in their presence we can access a comforting safe place to explore what gets us doing the things we do.  

Think of the last time you were struggling and an animal (often it is our loyal dogs and cats) near to you understood and didn’t seem to have that questioning or judging response you may have felt from the humans in your life.  I have no idea what their intent is, but their actions seem to show an uncanny effort to offer unconditional support in the form of physical closeness or unwavering company.  I pride myself in my ability to leave judgement aside and be totally present to hear my clients, but I must admit I continue to learn and develop this ability as I watch my equine partners. I am reminded of Sue McIntosh’s (my mentor in this work) words every time I join my horses.  For her, horses provide us the “Grace to be and the space to become.”  For more discussion about this please see Sue's blog "Why Horses: Making it Safe to Show Up".

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