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Born April 21, 1994

Eddy was Ellwood’s first quick and agile team cattle penning horse.  They purchased him at the age of 6 so he has been on the farm for 20 years.  Ellwood brought a trusted trainer with him to help in their decision when they were entertaining buying him.  Ellwood thought that Eddie was too fast and out of his league as a rider.  But his trainer observed and insisted that he was the horse for Ellwood. After a few more rides Ellwood was also convinced. 

They bought him from a good but quite aggressive rider who was quite focused on winning within the penning circuit. He is a joy to ride because of his boundless energy (still at 26) and excellent training.  I love to take him trail riding as his energy is invigorating.  He always has to be going at an accelerated pace.  We call it a “hopping walk” as he can not have anyone in front of him. At the same time, he is a bully.  Amy remembers stopping overnight on their way to a competition and putting Shorty (another horse they owned at the time) and Eddie in a corral.  Eddie ignored Shorty until Shorty let his guard down.  When Shorty was relaxed Eddie let him know who was boss. This also happened with other horses at their place.  When Sawsan (another horse they had in the past) was put in same field as Eddy he chased her and wouldn’t stop even with Amy tempting him to come to eat oats!  As Amy stated, “He seems to communicate that he can’t stand any horse to relax in his presence and not give him the respect he deserves.”  He has therefore been alone in his own field for 20 years.  To be clear he is alone but happy - not lonely.  He is incredibly friendly to humans.  He is regularly the first to come up and meet you at the gate and younger children fall in love with him. I have to admit, although he has an edge, he is one of my favourite horses when there are no other horses around to bring out the other side of him.

Eddie Stories: Coming soon!

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