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Central to my approach is my commitment to work collaboratively with clients to determine goals and solutions to problems. This simply means I work with you to decide where you would like to go and how you can get there.  

I believe that clients know themselves and their life situations best. You know what has and hasn’t worked in the past. I have the expertise in navigating the change process. Together we can move forward.

As a therapist my job is to simultaneously…

  1. Respect and utilize your knowledge by carefully listening to what you offer. Listening includes actively asking questions to get a clear understanding of how you make sense of things. This process can often jump start change. Clients begin to recognize other ways of seeing the problem and its solutions.

  2. Invite you to entertain your own way of understanding what you are experiencing. This is done through various conversational interventions such as specific questions or exercises. These interventions are called invitations as they are offered in way that the client is free to accept them, reject them or simply come back to them later.

The listening and inviting process is combined in a continuously evolving conversation where myself and my clients construct or weave new ways of understanding (e.g. beliefs, values), interacting, and ultimately living that fit with your preferred way forward.

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